Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Busy Bees

I've had a busy week, hardly spent a minute in the house over the back end of last week. Most pronounced by a trip to Preston on Wednesday to do a Forward Russia photoshoot. 

Danny North - photographer extraordinaire, picked an abandoned asylum as our location. Very crazy


And so far this week, I've been working on some remixes, and re-discovering old ones. Last year, I did a remix for the new BLOC PARTY record, that I think got lost in a huge pile of Bloc Party remixes. 

I've put it on my 'remix' MySpace (Constructicons Form Devastator) and linked to it below, with my favourite remix from the new album - Where Is Home? by Burial. Which I bizarrely heard on Panaroma the other night

Other than that, I've been constantly enjoying listening to the new YOUTHMOVIES album 'Good Nature' and re-listening to THE WRENS, who my dad once said was like a cross between Forward Russia and Coldplay....

If you can't tell, I still haven't worked out the best way to link to the music on this blog, suggestions welcome. Myspace links, blog searches and links to available downloads seem like the future

In the meantime, here's a download I feel good about linking to, the first fruits of a new Leeds band PULLED APART BY HORSES, available to download from Myspace for a limited period of time

FINALLY, and most importantly, GRAND ARCHIVES have released a sneak preview of their upcoming album via Pitchfork - the opening track Torn Blue Foam Couch. Enjoy

Soundtrack to this post: These New Puritans / Grand Archives / Die! Die! Die! / El Guincho

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