Monday, February 18, 2008

The Barbarians Move In

I don't think there's a band I have as much admiration for as DUELS, and I'm proud that all of them are my 'buddies.' From putting their prior incarnation SammyUSA on at the tiny Packhorse years ago, to guitar teching a sold out tour with Kaiser Chiefs, to being let in completely to their process of making their 2nd album

Album 2 is called The Barbarians Move In, and was was written in the first half of last year, with a scary intent and focus. Last week they released the album via MP3 on their own website, and a full physical release will follow in April via This Is Fake DIY.

Anyway, this is the finest £4.99 ever spent as this is a proper classic album, with sounds and living drawn from everything. It is an inspiration. Enjoy some choice 'cuts' below:

DuelsThe Furies

DuelsSleeping Giants


DuelsThe Healing

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