Monday, December 8, 2008

Life Update incorporating more Videos & Gilmore Girls

So, had a cool but busy week. Spent last weekend (not the last couple of days) in beautiful Tuscany where it pissed it down with rain almost constantly. The rain receded a little bit on the last day so we could take part in some Olive picking - which was the excuse for our visit

Otherwise, been a good-ish week. Got some work done, had a few nights in, and then did some more recording with The ABC Club over the weekend.

On Friday I found time to watch the Gilmore Girls again, I made time especially as I knew which specific episode it was and it didn't disapoint. Cue appearances from, amongst others; Sparks, Yo La Tengo and Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon. Absolutely brilliant

And while I can't find any YouTube clips of that , here are 2 more that I should put up after last week. First off is one that did the blogs not long ago, of Norweigan duo FIRST AID KIT performing a cover version of Fleet Foxes' Tiger Mountain Peasant Song armed with just their guitars and the open air:

Second is another Take Away Show video, that I didn't put up last week because it felt a bit 'obvious' - but really it's a great, and a tribute to those guys in Bloc Party:

Finally, updates from the world of WATCHMEN. There's an even better new trailer that was released with the US release of Quantum Of Solace. Download it via this link


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