Monday, February 16, 2009

Amazing Duels

I've been really getting into this new Brooklyn band phenomenon, like an NME bitch. My favourite two, being PASSION PIT and AMAZING BABY (alright, checking Passion Pit's Myspace reveals them to be from Boston, sorry!)

Anyway, Amazing Baby have given out a free MP3 this week, so check it out here:

In my life, it got announced the other day that I've joined DUELS. As I've commented to a few people, I've always been in Duels, we've all only just realised. The band are gearing up to give away last years immense The Barbarians Move In (see back here) free on their website, and crack on with Duels III and this is giving us top impetus. It's undoubtedly going to sound pretty awesome.

Finally, I DJ'd a new night (Beak & Wings) at the newly re-opened Josephs Well on Friday night, which was a lot of fun, better than I expected. We're doing another new night at Elbow Rooms on the last Saturday of the month which will be a similar mix of good tunes and fun times

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Friday, February 6, 2009


So funny this
TWITTER thing. Have you seen it? It's kinda good, it seems to be all about firing missives into the world, which I kinda like. It's kind of what the idea of this blog was, but sometimes it seems a bit too arduous to compose fully intelligent postings. 
So I'll be posting the odd thing at - however at the minute, it's the usual "how does this work?" "wow, I've posted from my phone!" "what are you doing tonight"

Finally here are the 2 thoughts in my head that prompted my investigation of Twitter, what I would've posted if I'd had twitter on at those moments:

*Dossena really is as useful as Aaron Davies
*The White Lies album, is really not amazing

Till I find more time to post longer missives! Am hopefully gonna include Twitter posts down the side of this blog

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