Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mercury Music Prize 2010

So, as I said I would, I've written some thoughts about this years Mercury Music Prize... before and after

But this time they're over at

Link to the email subscribe will be updated shortly as well

Many thanks for reading this blog and hope you continue to read through Honour Before Glory internet portal

Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving On

As you've probably noticed, more and more of my ramblings have centred around my latest endeavors with / as Honour Before Glory, and as that project becomes more established, it seems silly to keep these musings as a seperate entity to that

In building the new website for Honour Before Glory, I've switched to a new blog that is embeded within the site, and hosted by those folk at tumblr. I'll be doing all my updates on there from now - Honour Before Glory related, as well as my production work and other random crap.

I'll put my annual thoughts on the Mercury Prize up sometime soon for starters and I'll try and update the email feed as well

Honour Before Glory website (new site coming soon)

Soundtrack to this post: Goldheart Assembly

Friday, July 2, 2010

Camera, Action

Bit of movement with Honour Before Glory. I've spent the last couple of months demo-ing furiously and me and Simon went into the studio last weekend to lay down drums for 7 new songs. That process is continuing this weekend. Minute by minute updates on twitter

Before we hit the studio, a few of us got together to take some shots of us in band like form with our great friend Carmymac. They're still in the airbrush phase (joke), but below are some 'out-takes'

Honour Before Glory play our only date of the summer at Harrogate Fringe Festival on Saturday 31st July. More information here

Soundtrack to this post: Dirty Projectors, Wild Nothing