Monday, March 31, 2008

Bacardi Records

My friend and Dance To The Radio co-founder "Danny Rogers" just emailed this news story to me, which is pretty interesting:

This follows a pretty interesting chat with a friend in London about the only money in music now was sponsership, the idea of getting Red Bull to sponser your tour van or Coca Cola to give away your music. Find an idea and then sell it to someone. 

The tour van idea I've actually seen happen. Maximo Park's tour bus in the US had a big ad for Microsoft's equivalent of an iPod. Not really a problem, I guess, and they got free games and free meals. Is this a problem? I haven't thought about this a lot. As long as corporations are enabling original musicians, can you complain too much? Although the destiny where they control the creative output is not too appealing

Anyway, just found this blog, full of El Guincho tracks, so please enjoy:

Oh, and be prepared for me to moan about Forward Russia reviews like an ungrateful spoilt brat in the next couple of weeks

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

London Shuffle

I've been in london again, to see some friends, with some forward russia stuff tagged on the end. But anyway, my friends work in showbiz, and the talk inevitably turns to what's hot in Leeds, and it's been pretty to say

Walking around London with my iPod shuffle opened my eyes (or my ears?) to I guess, how much Leeds music I listen to.I got these 5 in a row at one point, and it made pretty good listening

GRAMMATICS - Myspace / Last.FM


I CONCUR - Myspace / Last.FM

DINOSAUR PILE UP - Myspace / Last.FM

THIS ET AL - Myspace / Last.FM

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Slow Week

It's wierd when you end up being so busy you can't explain what you've actually achieved? Aimless attempts of doing something worthwhile

I've some idea this week actually. A chunk of this week I've been on tour with DUELS, who have proved themselves and their new album to be just about the greatest band / album in recent times. Honestly. Good news is a few people might be picking up on that. 

So, rocked up to Newcastle and York with them, so the great and the good of those cities, Alan ex-Kubichek! and so on. 

On Wednesday I spent the day in Wakefield with my friend Jamie recording tracks for MI MYE, his band / project with all his friends. It sounds great and we're hoping to go out and play a few more gigs live

Skip to Friday and it was the Dance To The Radio alldayer, which was definately good, but definately had it's odd moments. Ida Maria, fuck me. Appaling

Oh and I passed my driving theory test on Tuesday, and I'm booked in my proper test in May. Sodding tour got in the way a bit there though

Music-wise? I dunno, I'm still rocking to Songs:Ohia. Last week I played bass for my friends band International Trust so my scrobbler chart got taken over by that

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Lack of updates down to being away a lot and new found motivation to DO THINGS, not conjuicive to sitting down and writing crap

Went to Paris this week for my girlfriends birthday, which was great and very relaxing, I think one of the only holidays we've had where it hasn't been inbetween other events and just slipped into our lives

Late last week though, I was invited to an exclusive screening of iLiKETRAiNS' new film 'Elegies To Lessons Learnt" - Ashley's mostly stop motion telling of the events of the album, tied together

It's heavy going, not in a bad way, the subject matter is pretty dark and seeing the whole thing in one go is intense. But more than worth while

The video for previous single Spencer Perceval is included in the 45 minute film (as below). The DVD is released late April on Beggars Banquet

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Remixing London Town

No, Kano hasn't asked me to remix him. I've just been busy - first remixing and getting involved (which was a lot of fun) and then I've been in London.

I've been remixing a track by PIN ME DOWN, Russel from Bloc Party's new 'thing' - it's a neat swap for me because he's remixing the new Forward Russia single. I had loads of fun, but it's got me mildly obsessed with all things Ed Banger, Modular, French House, DFA and so on. I want to bust a groove and go out DJing some of that stuff, but I don't think people will be interested

London was fun, though the mainstream music industry definately seems a bit fucked. No one's talking about signing bands, and it doesn't seem like many people are going to SXSW. Sucks to be EMI

I enjoyed catching up with friends though, as music wasn't the purpose of my visit. If it was I would have failed miserably by missing all these bands I had the opportunity to see:
Eureka Machines, Jimmy Eat World, The Kills, Martha Wainright, Oh No!! Oh My!! (actually really regret that), Yeasayer and probably some more...

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