Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok, so there was lots and lots of stuff I wanted to mention in my last blog but I haven't had too much time (which I think I said?)

Anyway, my big work is done and now I'm trying to catch up! Aiming for content over style, here are two other new bands I've been enjoying:

Gossamer Albatross

Three Trapped Tigers

And don't forget, after probably a bit of a quiet one, next year is the year when a few Leeds bands that have been bubbling under, release albums or get on a little bit more:

Sky Larkin

Pulled Apart By Horses


Dinosaur Pile-Up


Laura Groves / Blue Roses


...and here are some of my favourite new Leeds bands, some of which I had the privilege of booking to open the Cardigan Arms for the new year:

Bear Driver


Just Handshakes (We're British)

and watch out for Die Video Die, with a pop arrow through the heart.

...and finally something a bit different, a little Radio 2, but some kids with some talent I have a lot of time for:

Ellen & The Escapades

...and this is, in my opinion the best album of last year:


...and here's what I'm most looking forward to hearing this year:


*Apologies to all my friends I've had a mind melt and forgotten about*

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year everybody, I'm only a bit late

I currently have a list as long as my arm of things I wanted to write blogs about, but I've really struggled to find time the last few weeks - the new years is treating busy and there's so much more I wanted to do. I'm not working entirely as hard as I should be though, and have managed to spend most of the last 2 nights watching telly. Including the last few episodes of Gilmore Girls which managed to chalk up mentions for Midlake, Tokyo Police Club, My Morning Jacket and many more

2008 and was a funny year for me, and this time last year I was completely lost... Infact, a few months ago I was a bit lost. Right now, I have a bit of work to continue doing, and finishing producing these new songs by The ABC Club (pretty much done) and Die Video Die (sounding good). Then I might do something for me

Anyway, as is customary, I've had a list of 'hot new bands' growing for a while, and now everyone else has tipped them, please allow me to join the bandwagon


This year, it's clear nobody knows who's gonna be big from the tips, bar the bleedin' obvious - that might still bomb completely through complete over hype and over exposure (hello White Lies). BBC Sound Of... poll is always a good barometer of the industry perception of what's going to be big. Last year, yes Adele, Duffy and others piled to the top of the pile, but there were other interesting features, like Santogold who never quite crossed into the mainstream.

There seem a few top tips, specifically on the BBC year's list, that seem very much of this Santogold ilk - I'm thinking mainly Little Boots and Empire Of The Sun. Two bands who I think are great, but I'm not sure I see them reaching Duffy style levels of mainstream success. Will talk a bit about that in a minute, but my great showbiz mate Steve Lamacq has written a great blog on the current state of tipping for the new year (and I agree on the shoegaze revival)

Here's some new bands I like that will release records this year:


Yes, she's everywhere - but in her former incarnation as lead singer of Dead Disco, Dance To The Radio released her first efforts, and they were infact the last band to release a single on Fierce Panda unless I'm much mistaken. She's the nu-rave Madonna, or something, and her collaboration with Joe Hot Chip, 'Stuck On Repeat' is a bonafide Disco Anthem. Will she become huge? I don't know, she has an immense pressure behind her from her label (679) who are rumoured to be dropping bands left, right and centre, and the build up to her push has been going on for absolutely ages. And of course I'm sure the songs I prefer least will be the ones to break her... You can't deny her star quality on Jools Holland though:


Let's get the big guns out of the way. This is the Aussie collaboration between the singer of The Sleepy Jackson (remember their New Rock Revolution anthem - 'Miniskirt'? No?) and modular nu-rave heroes PNAU - responsible for the awesome track 'Embrace' with Ladyhawke. Anyway, they've created this odd world, but the songs sound great, though quite cheesy. I'm suprised they're getting hyped as much as they are, but hey it's pretty cool


Actually, this is more retrospective, as they're album came out last year, but they're coming over for a proper tour at the end of February. These guys are ex-Secret Machines guitarist Ben Curtis, and indentical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza. This is the one band I am most excited about it has to be said - their track 'Connjur' is one of my favourites at the minute

Right, I have other things to do now, but put those in your pipe and smoke them. Not very interesting or new really I know, but things I wanted to write. Maybe see you tomorrow

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