Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok, so there was lots and lots of stuff I wanted to mention in my last blog but I haven't had too much time (which I think I said?)

Anyway, my big work is done and now I'm trying to catch up! Aiming for content over style, here are two other new bands I've been enjoying:

Gossamer Albatross

Three Trapped Tigers

And don't forget, after probably a bit of a quiet one, next year is the year when a few Leeds bands that have been bubbling under, release albums or get on a little bit more:

Sky Larkin

Pulled Apart By Horses


Dinosaur Pile-Up


Laura Groves / Blue Roses


...and here are some of my favourite new Leeds bands, some of which I had the privilege of booking to open the Cardigan Arms for the new year:

Bear Driver


Just Handshakes (We're British)

and watch out for Die Video Die, with a pop arrow through the heart.

...and finally something a bit different, a little Radio 2, but some kids with some talent I have a lot of time for:

Ellen & The Escapades

...and this is, in my opinion the best album of last year:


...and here's what I'm most looking forward to hearing this year:


*Apologies to all my friends I've had a mind melt and forgotten about*

Soundtrack to this post: TV On The Radio, White Lies

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