Monday, October 27, 2008

Port O'Brien

I went to see PORT O'BRIEN  on Friday night at the Brudenell Social Club. It's not that they were bad or anything, it was just very average and un-extraordinary I think. Still, I Woke Up Today is a tune

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Nyevsky Prospect


I want to start making this a bit more of a news column for me and what I'm up to at the minute, as well as a commentary as it has been. That's not that easy cos I'm being ridiculously coy about what I'm up to whenever I meet people about "what's new" and "what's next" - weird I guess.

But a couple of people have also asked me what is NYEVSKY PROSPECT. 

What it actually is is a street in St Petersburg, the main street in fact, think Oxford Street, or maybe Pall Mall. I don't know exactly, I've never been there. The reason I like it is, because supposedly in the 1920's, when the city was renamed Petrograd, and then Leningrad, it is supposed to have been one of the most culturally enriched places on Earth, with a liberal  freedom of a newly freed people and the forthinking of great artistic minds - specifically the 'Big 5' Russian composers of the time. Only for the Russian authorities to come down hard later in the decade, and severe oppression to take over

That's what I got taught anyway!! And it's an image that always struck me. 

It's a name that I've liked for 7/8 years, and I've always used as the name for anything I've done solely by myself, and I kind of like that. So now it is the name of this blog. And also now the name I've dubbed my fledgling management company. That's something else I'm being coy about. Something I've fallen into a little bit, that is now taking a bit more structure out of necessity and for improvement....

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Friday, October 10, 2008


So I've been rubbish at this again. To be fair, I'm undertaken a lot of new stuff meself in the last month or so. Reckon I'm gonna change the tack on this blog to be about some of the stuff I'm involved one. Like a Mi Mye single out in February next year and so on.

But, I was talking to a friend yesterday about how much I love the involvement of the 2 artists on this song. So I thought that was a nice 'excuse' to post it here:

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