Friday, February 6, 2009


So funny this
TWITTER thing. Have you seen it? It's kinda good, it seems to be all about firing missives into the world, which I kinda like. It's kind of what the idea of this blog was, but sometimes it seems a bit too arduous to compose fully intelligent postings. 
So I'll be posting the odd thing at - however at the minute, it's the usual "how does this work?" "wow, I've posted from my phone!" "what are you doing tonight"

Finally here are the 2 thoughts in my head that prompted my investigation of Twitter, what I would've posted if I'd had twitter on at those moments:

*Dossena really is as useful as Aaron Davies
*The White Lies album, is really not amazing

Till I find more time to post longer missives! Am hopefully gonna include Twitter posts down the side of this blog

Soundtrack to this post: Talk Talk, Animal Collective

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