Monday, February 11, 2008

Black Kids

BLACK KIDS are one of the most hyped bands of recent times, if not ever. The Jacksonville quintet released a free download EP - Wizards Of Ahhs - at the back end of last year, and have all kind of plaudits ever since.

On Friday night they supported Sons & Daughters at The Cockpit. I like the EP and figured once the hype kicked in, I would never get round to seeing them, and this opportunity would be probably my best ever

And they were great!! One of the most enjoyable gigs I've been to for a long time, giving me all kind of The Cure meets Motown feelings, and generally making me feel this was all a bit like The Strokes 5/6 years ago (I railed against The Strokes at first, but now hold them in massive regard). Onstage brother / sister duo Ali & Reggie Youngblood banter charismatically, and the whole thing was all kinds of fun

The EP is still there to download, via their website, so get it while you can. A single proper is expected in April

Soundtrack to this post: i concur / Burial

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N/A said...

I thought I saw you nodding your head down the front. Yeah, they were great.

I saw them the following night in Manchester and they were equally as good then too (Same can't be said for Fangs).

I look forward to seeing them do their own headline gigs.