Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Night

Last night I had a rare 'night off' - and the choice of gigs and bands to go and see was quite something. Lots of bands I've mentioned on here before, all doing well for themselves and all a delight to go and see. 

My gig of choice, ended up being Ellen & The Escapades playing the Our City, Our Music launch, followed by popping in at Die Video Die playing the Grain Division's 4th Birthday Party. Unfortunately, I'm a bit too wet to stay out late, so that was 'it' for me.

But things are busy and involved in Leeds. Other options tonight, included watching Yonderboy at The Library (c/o Brew Records), Mi Mye bandmates Middleman at local haunt The Cardigan Arms and over in Bradford, Johnny Foreigner, Just Handshakes (We're British) and a large supporting cast were playing a charity all-dayer

That familar names, consistently playing around town at exciting line ups, cooperating and playing together, with rumours of split singles, cross supporting - well, it all warms the cockles. 

Soundtrack to this post: 20/20 World Cup Final

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