Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Leeds's annual premier Futuresound competition / showcase has been announced, and there's a lot of great bands I've mentioned on this here blog that are involved. It's something of a battle of the bands, but more simply is a showcase of new Leeds' bands, six of which will end up playing Leeds Festival. Historically this was the only way to get on the festival, before BBC felt it had to patronise independent bands through it's 'Introducing' brand (ooh, is that another blog post on it's own?).

Anyway, the full list of bands, along with a humorous discussion of it's announcement can be found HERE

Some kind of prediction of the 'winners' is customary, with my two penneth including:

with The Broadcast Society, Milk White White Teeth, Last Gang, Just Handshakes (We're British), Benjamin Wetherll, Olfar, Holy State, Hey Sholay all in with a shout. Sorry, that's practically half the field I guess!

Since writing this however, a couple of assumptions have been blown out of the water, and possibly a few more favourites might make "the 6". Prizes for guessing the tenuous link to the image

Soundtrack to this post: New Yonderboy demos / studio sounds

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