Friday, November 28, 2008

The Take Away Show

LA BLOGOTHEQUE is one of the most awesome websites on the net, I wish more of it was in English, though I also like the fact that it's so French. La Blogotheque is a French Drowned In Sound / Pitchfork, but less magazine based I guess, and closer to a... blog. Which means it has cool features on cool bands, with less concern over how topical it is

The really amazing thing about La Blogotheque is THE TAKE AWAY SHOWs. These are films of bands kind of busking, but really well thought out. The really special ones are often directed by Vincent Moon, who recently did short films to accompany the National and Mogwai albums. These can turn out really special, here are some of my favourites:

Here they take Fleet Foxes to a disused University in the Grand Palais, for maximum echo effect on the acoustic stylyings. Below is The National, and then Bon Iver

Soundtrack to this post: Stars

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daniel bentley said...

I'm very much enjoying reading this blog. This videos are sick!