Friday, November 7, 2008


So, our new football team kicked off it's competitive existence on Monday night with a hard earned win against a challenging "Jonah's Jiggamen' side. 

FC Lokomotiv iLT is the combination of myself, the iLiKETRAiN boys and numerous other friends around the Leeds Music Scene. The above picture was taken at Big Scary Monster Summer 5-a-side Competition where we made the semi's but were knocked out by a cheating, moaning team from Punktastic (yep, I'm still bitter)

So, we started out 6-a-side league on Monday, and despite conceding very early on, kept our cool to battle back with 2 goals from our creative tsunami of Joel Ashton and Simon Fogal.

Follow our progress here and here

Soundtrack to this post: Commodores 

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