Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Football - Week 2

Wow, looking at the recent posts, it appears I have to be careful to make sure this whole blog doesn't turn to purely following the adventures of Lokomotiv. But I think it's good to do a recap, it's one of general well being as well I think

So this week we lost 2-3 against "Inter Sofia" - who'd won there first game 4-0. They were lucky, we were lucky, they were insanely lucky as they barely had the ball for the last 20 minutes. Some how they got a quick 3 goals, but then it was all us. 2 storming goals from the TRAiNS contingent got us back, but we couldn't bag the final goal to bring us equal. There's always next time

I'm just making shepherds pie and trying to upload a gazillion bytes of video on the the t'interweb. Hmm....

Soundtrack to this post: Ladyhawk (no 'e' this time)

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