Monday, January 7, 2008

Testing, testing - 1, 2, 3

I've had this blog registered since I spent the Summer in Seattle - I thought I'd muse about things while I was hanging around spending a fair bit of time being a bit bored. But it's basically taken me up until now to have the guts. 

I used to review a lot for different things, I always have an opinion on crap. I love finding 'new stuff' as well, and I guess that's what brought this idea into my head in Seattle - that plus wasting time on the internet and discovering some other great blogs through The Hype Machine

My Dad suggested I should start one of these when I got back to the UK, and again, it has taken until now to get it sorted. What's changed is the New Year and new thinking (I hope to change the description up top when I talk about something sensible) as well as some vague inspiration - I'm gonna try and do some kind of Tips for 2008 thing, but hopefully with a twist

Anyway, this post is a test as much as an introduction, so I'm going to stop writing

Soundtrack to this post: Jeniferever - A Ghost In The Corner Of Your Eye

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