Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bands for 2008 [Part 1]

This post should truely be 'Band I'm Looking Forward To Hearing New Stuff From' or 'Bands That I Hope Do Well This Year.' 
Ok, so not 'Tips For 2008' I don't honestly know how 'big' any of these bands will get this year, but here are some bands that I haven't seen mentioned much that have some hot stuff planned for this year:

Portugal The Man come from Alaska, but seem to spend a lot of time in the North West coast of the US. They released an album last year called Church Mouth which is ace, rocking organ and laidback blues punk... I guess. 
They're going into the studio later this month to start working on the follow-up, which you'd have to expect to be out later in the year. They're coming over to Europe to tour in February as well, but bypassing the UK unfortunately

This band were the 'talk' of the blogs when I was in America a year and a bit ago with their debut album/mini-album, Broom. They spent the end of last year holed up in 'Will's Aunts House' and the album should be out in March they say

Something I've been looking forward to since I heard Boom Bip & Gruff Rhys collaborate on "Do's & Don'ts" two or three years ago - they now have an album and a fully fledged project on the go. 
The album is called Stainless Style and is out in March worldwide

Ok, so that's my first little blast, I hope to add some more bands I like soon and some more general posts. Apologies for the lack of MP3 links - give me some time and I may figure it out! Until then, enjoy Rupert Murdoch's portal to alternative music

Soundtrack to this post: Portugal The Man / Phospherescent / CocoRosie

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