Friday, January 25, 2008

Bands for 2008 [Part 2]

Ok, apologies for the delay. And a disclaimer, I'm gonna write a big thing about a few more bands (like Youthmovies, whose album I got this week - amazing) and a short thing about a lot of bands. And apologies for the short descriptions, but the myspace links are RIGHT THERE. 

Another Seattle connection I'm afraid (there's a few more coming up) but this is the new band from Mat Brooke, who played guitar on the first Band Of Horses album. So the sound is kind of like that. Pitchfork put their demo's online last year (get them HERE) and they have an album out on Sub Pop in Mid Feb

Alright with Seattle already! Jaguar Love is Johnny Witney, Cody Votolato and J Clark - and if you don't recognise their names, they've played in bands like Blood Brothers, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Kill Sadie to name but three. They sound like a handsome mixture of what you'd expect, toured with QOTSA last year and are currently recording an album for Matador. 

3 guys from Manchester, who wear really strange masks, play some awesome riffs and played one of the best gigs I saw last year. They're album Snake Magnet is recorded and is all kinds of wonderful and will hopefully be out very soon. They're a bands band, and Biffy Clyro are currently singing their praises from the rooftops. Listen to them and then go and watch them when you can.

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carmymac said...

all i was gonna say was - very good! and if you hear of grand archives playing nearby ever. . . can ya let me know, as i seem to be a bit obsessed with them at the mo.