Friday, January 8, 2010

Art & Culture

Last night I went to the opening of an art exhibition, and 'discovered' the great space it was housed in called 'The Bowery' in Headingley.

The Bowery is an "art gallery-cafe" and is a lovely little place I can imagine spending many a civilized afternoon relaxing with a coffee.

It features 'proper' gallery/exhibition space upstairs, with more works on display around the main cafe area downstairs, with various other artistic creations for sale (jewellry etc)

The exhibition currently on show features 4 artists - the Bowery website has yet to update details of it, but they are:

Charles Willcocks - Penitent
Laura Havenhand - Madelena
Sarah Garforth - Glimpses
Erin Ward - Light

Erin is a friend - the above painting is one of hers, and the rest of her stuff is well worth checking out on her website.
The Bowery exhibition runs until 9th April - the cafe runs regular courses and is open late-ish, so again, well worth looking at the website



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