Friday, August 21, 2009

Steve Lamacq

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and the news of Steve Lamacq leaving Radio 1 has been much neglected by myself on blogs and twitter. It's not always good to gush, but if there's ever a time, I guess it's now. Bottom line is the guy has been a massive influence, inspiration and help to me over the few years we've known each other - and I'm sure to many others too

But remember, we still have this treasured possession on our airwaves. When I've chance to listen, the choices of his Radio 2 show thrill me with their alt swerve, and surely his 'drivetime' show on 6 Music is surely the best around. Hopefully through these two outlets he can still help as many people without the culturally defunct Radio 1

I just fear even more for the chance for bands to break through from sending in a demo to more established play on Radio 1. With no discernible outside influence (finding a plugger was part of Steve's influence) ¡Forward, Russia! went from unsolicited demo, to 50 minute live set on Lamacq Live in 2 and a half years by shear determination. The Pigeon Detectives, even more so - though they did have the advantage of tunes that appeal to the mainstream

That's enough for now anyway, as I've no idea how this is coming across. But if you've a few spare minutes, take a look at his blog for some interesting insights:

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