Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recording At House Of Mook

As I've written numerous times on this blog, I've started working with numerous bands in a production capacity over the last few months. Well, I'm now doing that 'full time' out of HOUSE OF MOOK studios in Leeds - a nice base to keep my gear and set up home

House Of Mook is a great little studio in Meanwood that has been serving the people of Leeds in need of rehearsal space and recording for many a year. We’re taking the existing set-up and developing it into something we hope will be very special – alongside an attitude based on getting the project right opposed to filling hours in on a time sheet

I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time in Mook, with the bonuses to everyone of it being close to shops / food emporiums, as well as a base to keep the great Forward Russia guitar rigs – in it’s expanded form!....

We've already had the pleasure of recording some great bands like You Animals and Just Handshakes (We're British) and I hope to write a little about what we've been up to on this blog. Hopefully numerous single releases will be forthcoming from the above mentioned bands and more

But any bands interesting in doing some recording - please get in touch!! The best email contact is
whiskas[at] There's a bit more information about my recording and the studio at the following locations:

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