Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's Get Going....

After my prolific return to form on the blog, I've had a quiet week with not much to report of a musical nature. In truth I've been in the studio a lot, working with Just Handshakes (We're British) - the fruits of which will be ripened soon.

Today also marks a return to work on the much delayed single from The ABC Club. There's been numerous line-up shifts with the band this year, though most of the original line-up is still in place, with Sam the drummer leaving for University in September. Rehearsals with the new drummer are going exceedingly well apparently, and they should be returning to the live arena from late September

I'm still working on a few things 'close' to my chest, that I hope to write about real soon. Till then I am busy working with lots of bands in the studio for the next month. Hopefully I'll get chance to write a bit about it!

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying MON KHMR - check them out

Soundtrack to this post: TV On The Radio, Sonic Youth

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