Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boating & Jacko


Apologies for this delayed, and increasingly irrelevant blog post - I had a few problems posting earlier in the week

I spent the majority of the weekend just gone boating up the North Yorkshire canals, or drinking in their hostilliery's - and I thoroughly recommend both activities!

It has however given a novel viewpoint of the weekend's activities / news. Pool old Jacko. He was great and he did some wierd things later in life, but the circumstances of his death seems a sad / odd way to go. In all the crass, self-serving eulogies given over the weekend, Robin Gibb's seemed to stand out when he said that if half the people who'd praised him in the 24 hours before his death had spoken up for him in the last year he might still be alive. As BBC Radio Leeds said, it was just like waking up and hearing the news Michael Jackson had died

Also, the state of the pop charts, perhaps gives an insight into the fans favourite Jackson effort, with 'Man In The Mirror' rising up the charts to number 11 - the highest of a number of hits now in the top 75. Or maybe, everyone has there copy of Thriller, which would explains it's secondary position at 23. The album Thriller also makes the album Top 10 at, while his number 1 compilation is the best selling album this week (rising from no. 121).

The Jackson new entries in full :

11. Man In The Mirror
23. Thriller
25. Billie Jean
28. Smooth Criminal
30. Beat It
38. Earth Song
44. You Are Not Alone
45. Black Or White
47. The Way You Made Me Feel
48. Don't Stop 'till you Get Enough
50. Dirty Diana
55. I Want You Back (Jackson 5)
57. Bad
58. Ben
65. ABC (Jackson 5)
67. They Don't Care About Us
71. I'll Be There (Jackson 5)
72. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
73. Rock With You
75. Blame It On The Boogie (Jackson 5)

I'm glad I wasn't a minor indie band attempting a Top 75 single this week!

Soundtrack to this post: Wimbledon / Superman Returns

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kingtoad said...

I think the reason Man In The Mirror was highest is that E4/4 Music had a special "life of Jacko" montage they were playing ad nauseam that was soundtracked by said toon.