Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Scary Football

This weekend, FC Lokomotiv travelled down to London to compete in Big Scary Monsters 5-a-side football competition, our 2nd year of entering. We were eager for triumph after last year's semi-final knockout, but we were had a tough draw, facing the hosts, and last year's champions and our conquerers Punktastic

A 7 man squad travelled down, setting off at an un-godly 6.30am, for our first game at 1pm against Punktastic. If you read my report of last year's game, you may have seen it was in a bit of bad blood, and that continued this year. I don't think either team's shouting and rough play did themselves any favours with the collected audience and we all probably came across as the arseholes we most surely are, but one things is for certain. We won 1-0.

Hard fought victories against fellow Loiner's Awesome Badges and then Team BSM followed (both 2-1), but the damage had been done, and by the time our Quarter Final against Alcopop came along we were spent, loosing 1-0, conceding a sloppy goal early on.

The final played out between a Get Cape Wear Cape Fly team, and a Fear & Records team (Forward Russia, Sky Larkin, Rolo Tomassi management) - with Mr Gareth Dobson scoring an awesome solo effort to kickstart Team F&R's 3-0 drubbing. 

Congrats to all, especially to Kev Big Scary Monsters and Fear & Records. Here's some of my pictures from the day (click [some of them] to enlarge):

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