Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm a liar, a thief and a blagard obviously.

I think (well I know I kind of DO) beat myself about posting on here if there's something more important I should be doing. Which there always is one way or another

Anyway, mincing around with my Shuffle on, I keep getting blasted by a band called PENNINES who I must declare as pretty brilliant. 

They've really got that old school Kinsella style emo down to a delicate tee. If you ask me. I've missed them twice in Leeds through no fault of my own, which is a real shame.

They have two tracks for download which you can get from MySpace or Last.FM - I urge you to do so:

I think they're releasing a single on the fanstastic Big Scary Monsters label in the autumn. Said label have a very entertaining blog here. Lokomotiv TRAiNS are appearing in their football competition soon!

Soundtrack to this post: Pennines (doi)

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