Monday, July 21, 2008

Mercury Music Prize

I'm a bit annoyed I forgot when the Mercury Music Nominations were announced, as I'm still away and I quite fancied a flutter on Portishead as early as possible.

Instead here's a desperate prediction I posted on another forum, just to get my oar in before the announcement... again, tidy up when I get home.


Kate Nash
Mystery jets
Last Shadow Puppets
Ting Tings

Potential curve balls:

Jamie Lidell
Neon Neon
(probably not critically acclaimed enough)
Robert Wyatt

Others with potential:
Hot Chip

I reckon Portishead to win, if not Radiohead. I think the extraneous circumstances around those two records will pip the post

There's a lot of talk about them, but I kind of hope Burial hasn't entered, I think it'd be kind of dissapointed if he had as I think it'll throw up a few awkward questions he obviously doesn't want to deal with

It's a funny one, with it being all about UK artists, it kind of makes you realise how much 'ahead' the US is in commercial interesting music. You'd have to think Fleet Foxes, MGMT, Vampire Weekend and Hercules & Love Affair would've been good for the money if the shoe was on the other foot

Anyway, back to the Sun...

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