Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Decemberists + Me

I got back from Luxembourg this weekend to find my dad had burnt me copies of the new Colin Meloy Sings Live! album and the first two Decemberists albums - Castaways & Cutouts and Her Majesty. Which was a nice surprise, and was just what I wanted

Everyone around me became a fan of The Crane Wife on it's release last year, but I only thought it was 'alright.' My Dad quickly became a big fan of all things Meloy and it wasn't long before I heard Picaresque ( their last independent album) and I too got pretty obsessed. We were out the other day and talking about the new Meloy live album, which prompted the lend.

There was also a great article with Meloy in The Guardian, describing the process he goes through to write songs, check that out HERE

So I'm on tour with Forward, Russia now, so that's why there's even less posts. Will try and be back soon though

Soundtrack to this post: The National - Alligator

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