Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bjork, Everybody Remixing, DJing

Aww, I need to thank Mr Keep Hope Inside for commenting on my last post, about
El Guincho on the new Bjork covers album. I like Keep Hope Inside, it's a blog here

Anyway, Stereogum, great webzine with lots of free tracks, have put together a tribute album of Post by Bjork (having previously done Automatic For The People and Ok Computer to mixed results). You can get all the tracks and info here, I urge you to do so!

Everyone's getting remixes done at the minute. The world seems to be swamped with Foals - Electric Bloom and Radiohead's Nude, after iTunes and Last.Fm are running competitions. I've just finished a remix of This Et Al's Figure Eight and am pretty happy. Think I'm gonna have a crack at the Foals one too. Radiohead aren't having any of my money, thieving bastards (you have to pay for their parts, which cunningly will help them in the pop charts

Finally, I'm DJing tomorrow night, at Art Is Hard in Leeds. I'm currently listening to lots of hot remixes, many nicked off this ace blog. I won't get to play any of them of course, unless I get really pissed

Soundtrack to this post: LCD / Justice etcetera

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