Thursday, April 22, 2010

Live At Leeds - The Unconference

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been very busy helping to book and organise the industry event that will run alongside the Live At Leeds all dayer. The event is a collaboration between Futuresound (Live At Leeds promoter's) and Leeds Met University and is hosted at the latter's Old Broadcasting House on Friday 30th April

We've aimed to make the day informative and ripe for inquisition. It's mainly panel based, with each session hosting a wide range of experience and opinions on a given subject, with questions welcome every step of the way

Our 'main' guest is Sean Adams - founder of Drowned In Sound, who over the last 10 years has also run his own record label and is now a guest contributer to The Sunday Times Culture magazine

I'm also incredibly pleased of the wide range of local contributors we've assembled, with representatives from all over the local music spectrum. We've tried to make the event inclusive to all experienced organisations / business' as well, by offering space to showcase themselves at the event

Most importantly the event is about everyone in Leeds with an inquisitive nature of the music 'industry' - not just, or even primarily the mainstream industry, but the experience you can tap in to from the people involved

The Facebook event for the page, with updating information is here:

And you can download the latest version of the programme for the day here:

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