Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holiday (Celebrate)

I got back from holiday last Friday before heading straight out to see I Like Trains at The Cockpit. I'm keeping busy preparing for the upcoming Honour Before Glory tour of Germany with Sometree - I leave Tuesday morning, and ridiculously have songs to finish writing, lyrics to learn and EP's to burn / package.

The holiday was great, taking in Venice, Nice & Tuscany (dicacted by cheap flights) for one of the best & longest breaks I've ever had. Think it'll be a while before the next one.

I've had a fun few days since I've been back though, entailing the aforementioned I Like Trains gig, catching up with old friends Editors and a brief sojourn to In The City.

I'll try and add more bits and pieces once I'm on the road - as well as keeping the blog upto date with what's going on on the tour. But for now, I've got a plane to catch, and once I'm there, I've lots of travelling, so writing can wait for then!

Soundtrack to this post: Mazzy Star, Biffy Clyro, The Big Pink

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