Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music (Man/Woman) Management

I'm excited by a lot of "new" bands at the moment, as well as burdened by a heavy feeling that I should be doing something more productive... getting back involved. However, even when dealing with pop groups that I am actively involved in, I'm beginning to realise I'm not really cut out for music management. I don't seem to be able to strike the balance of imposing ideas of those that need, and coercing the true "desire" or aspiration from them. I'm not sure I necessarily want to either. I'm confused by what is right for the band, and band's don't know what's right for them. And other people's expectations (that fantastic music industry trait of
perception) make it even more confusing.

"I see the futility in all things" 

One day soon, hopefully I'll be excited by my own creations to enable it, but not just yet. I need creations first.

Apologies if that's all cryptic, it's really not meant to be

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Joseph said...

You could be our manager any day.